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Climate Science 2000

Climate Science 2000

Climate Science 2014

Climate Science 2014

Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’

The Australian has a report about the Bureau of Meteorology modifying climate records from stations so that past temperatures look lower, making modern records look hotter. This is based on work by Jo Nova. This came up in Adelaide with the heatwaves in 2014, where the Bureau of Meteorology stated that Adelaide had surpassed its all-time record.  BOM said the highest daytime record for Adelaide was 46.1C. However the Adelaide Advertiser has a record on the same day of 47.6C. The BOM has decreased the record set in 1939, thus making current records look more extreme.  You can read the details here.

74+ years of  increased carbon dioxide, and the supposed warmest decade ever, yet the temperature does not exceed a record set 74 years ago in Adelaide . The only way the BOM can make it work is by changing the records in the past and making them lower!


Adelaide Advertiser Jan 13th 1939

Adelaide Advertiser Jan 13th 1939

Climate Change Alarmists are losing the PR battle

In the same week as the heavily political IPCC report is released, the Climate Change alarmists are steadily losing the public relations battle. The latest Essential polling shows that support for Carbon Pricing has dropped with only 39% of the population supporting it while 47% oppose. As well a majority of people (35%) support the Federal Coalition governments “Direct Action” plan rather than the now Labor oppositions Carbon Tax (31%), even with a very biased question being asked.

At the same time as the IPCC releases it latest scare-a-thon report the percentage of the population that believe in human caused climate change is down from what it was 4 years ago.

Is it any wonder that if you exaggerate climate change, and ignore the science that the warming has paused for the past 15 years, that a large proportion of the population might get very sceptical about what is happening.

Do the climate change alarmists ever think why they are losing this battle? They have the support of most of the media (Fairfax, ABC and half the time News Corp), and the UN sponsored IPCC, as well as until recently government funded organisations pushing the warmist alarmist line (Climate Commission, CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology).  Until a few years ago climate change deniers were unheard from. Most of the climate change sceptics are individual bloggers fighting against the mainstream. Yet the climate change deniers are gradually winning. Why is that?


Despite 12 months of the population being "educated" about the Carbon Tax, 47% still oppose it.

Despite 12 months of the population being “educated” about the Carbon Tax, 47% still oppose it.

Climate Commision closed down, Tim Flannery out of a job

The Climate Commission -  global warming alarmist propaganda organisation – has been closed down by the incoming Abbot Federal Government.  As well the part time chairman Tim Flannery has lost his part-time job which paid $180,000 per year. Now we need to get rid of the hundreds of public servants who work for the Federal Government wasting their time on Climate Change.

UPDATE: Tim  Flannery said at his press conference ” I believe Australians have a right to know, a right to authoritative, independent and accurate information on climate change”. This is the Tim Flannery that has made loopy predictions for years about the future of climate in Australia – some of them are detailed here:


the ex chairman of the defunct Climate Commission - Tim Flannery

the ex chairman of the defunct Climate Commission – Tim Flannery


IPCC - We got it wrong on warming



Its only based on leaks coming out of the IPCC, but it looks like the exaggerations of the last 20 years by climate alarmists are going to finally be wound back. The warming since 1997 which has been close to zero has forced the IPCC to rethink the computer modelling and finally admit that it has been exaggerated.

The interesting thing is that the lower range of predictions in the new revised report may be only 1.5C, which would have little effect on the planet.

Its looking more and more that climate change has been a gigantic exaggeration by climate alarmists.

Climate alarmists get more frustrated, and dismiss carbon taxes

Two interesting articles today show the irritation of Climate alarmists, and how frustrated they are with the progress of their political agenda aimed at forcing the general population to accept radical climate change policies.

Guy Pearce has written a new book that advocates that Australia not export any more coal (something even the Greens have given up pushing). The interesting thing is that he says that the carbon tax is a waste of time as it is a “a giant placebo” and “elaborate money-go-round” that just results in Australia “relying on importing carbon credits to meet our emission targets”. I have said the same thing, it is a $1.35 trillion dollar cost that does little to reduce Australia’s CO2 output.

Naomi Klein is frustrated by the ‘deep denialism” of Green groups. She doesn’t believe in carbon taxes either – “the European Union’s emissions trading scheme – we now have close to a decade that we can measure these schemes against, and it’s disastrous.”

The problem both of these climate alarmists have is that Carbon Tax/ETS/Cap and trade is just an intellectual cop-out. You setup a carbon tax and the climate alarmists feel warm and fuzzy inside, and don’t do anything else.  If you really are a climate alarmist then you have to do much much more.

Expect even more radicalism on the climate change front.


Arctic Sea Ice coverage higher than last year

Arctic Sea ice coverage is higher than 2012, as well as 2011 and 2007.  Yet another example of climate alarmists making predictions about the future that do not come true.

In 2007 the BBC published an article quoting Professor Wieslaw Maslowski that the Arctic would be ice-free by 2013. Yet here we are in 2013, and the ice coverage is higher than the previous year.  One of the joys of the Interwebz is that all these alarmist predictions are still there to be read and laughed at.




The end of the Carbon Tax gets closer


A robopoll showing 51.1 percent support the abolishing the Carbon Tax while 35.4 percent oppose 03 09 2013 three days before the election

Finally the Carbon tax is an election issue.

Finally in the last week of the election campaign carbon tax and its effect on Australia has been raised as an election issue. Kevin “great moral challenge” Rudd has tried to avoid raising the Carbon Tax by saying that he will bring the ETS (emissions trading scheme)  period forward, ending the Carbon Tax period early. This is just semantics, as the ETS is just the Carbon Tax by another name. As Tony Abbott has pointed out most of the cost of the ETS is the buying of overseas carbon permits. Australia will emit more CO2 in 35 years time than now, it will just be offset by buying carbon permits from overseas. This is a transfer of Australian wealth mostly to the European Union who issue free permits to their industries, who then sell them on the carbon market who then get money from Australian industries purchasing the permits.

As I wrote two years ago, this enormous paper-shuffle will cost the Australian economy $1.35 trillion dollars. All to reduce our CO2 output by 5%.

The Canberra press gallery beltway insiders have been pushing the Carbon Tax for 3 years. In less than a week they will find that they do not understand ordinary Australians.

Tony Abbott at the National Press Club

Tony Abbott at the National Press Club


Do CFCs cause climate change?

Another example of the science  not being “settled”.   Qing-Bin Lu, a professor of physics and astronomy, biology and chemistry at the University of Waterloo has found a strong correlation between the levels of CFC’s  (chlorofluorocarbon) and the levels of warming in earths atmosphere. The problem to be explained is why the climate has been cooling or at least steady temperature-wise since 2002. The atmospheric models produced by the IPCC show a strong feedback effect between the levels of CO2 and atmospheric temperatures, the problem is the real world observations show that is not what is happening.

Qing-Bin Lu says “Conventional thinking says that the emission of human-made non-CFC gases such as carbon dioxide has mainly contributed to global warming. But we have observed data going back to the Industrial Revolution that convincingly shows that conventional understanding is wrong,”

His graph certainly looks interesting:



Australian Federal Government misinformation about other countries carbon taxes

The Australia Labor/Greens Federal Government continues to spread misinformation about what other countries are doing about carbon pricing. Here is a page from which has the misinformation corrected. (click on the image for a large view)

What other countries have a carbon tax?


The supporters of the Labor/Green Carbon Tax introduced on the 1st July 2012 love to tell us that there are lots of other countries with carbon taxes, and that there are other countries are rushing to legislate a carbon tax. Well how to these carbon taxes compare?

Country Rate per tonne Start Date How much CO2 emitted Notes
Australia $23 1st July 2012 399,219 Economy wide tax
Europe $7.91 2008 4,177,817 price has been dropping over the years
New Zealand $NZ12.50 2010 33,095 not economy wide tax = $A10
Finland 20 euros 1990 56,512 many exemptions. CO2 output has grown
India $1 2010 1,742,698 only on coal
USA none none proposed
China $1.55 2015? 7,031,916 proposed
Ireland 15 euros 2010 43,604 does not apply to electricity
UK none 522,856 small climate change levy on electicity
Japan none 1,208,163 none proposed
Taiwan none 258,599 none proposed
Canada none 544,091 none proposed. State tax in BC
Norway $21 1992 49,920 many exemptions, CO2 output has grown

Its easy to see that the biggest CO2 emitters in the world have either no Carbon Tax or a very small one covering limited areas of the economy. Only Australia which has one of the highest rate of Carbon Tax effecting most of the economy because it applies to electricity consumption.


It's not drought, it's climate change, say scientists

Is it any wonder that people are sceptical about Climate Change predictions made by scientists. From the Age Melbourne August 2009.

“A three-year collaboration between the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO has confirmed what many scientists long suspected: that the 13-year drought is not just a natural dry stretch but a shift related to climate change.”

Flood waters around Wagga March 2012


Bertrand Timbal from the Bureau of Meterology:

”In the minds of a lot of people, the rainfall we had in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s was a benchmark. A lot of our [water and agriculture] planning was done during that time. But we are just not going to have that sort of good rain again as long as the system is warming up.”

The biggest flood in Wagga Wagga since 1974



The Tim Flannery prediction years

As it rains all over South-Eastern Australia causing rivers to flood and dams to overflow, many people have commented how silly Climate Commissioner Professor Tim Flannery’s predictions of permanent drought in Australia are now. It looks even sillier when you look at a long term rainfall map for Melbourne showing the very short dry period when Professor Flannery made his predictions. Everything back to normal now:

Australia goes it alone with a Carbon Tax

The Copenhagen Climate Change talks in 2010 failed to produce a binding Climate Change agreement.  Durban in 2011 fails as well. The result in Durban was not a binding agreement to reduce carbon dioxide output, it was an agreement to negotiate an agreement sometime before 2015, and that hypothetical agreement will cut emissions starting in 2020 – maybe.

The Kyoto agreement emission requirements end on December 31st 2012.

So while Australia goes forward punishing its people and businesses with a Carbon Tax the Canadian Government has announced it is withdrawing from the Kyoto agreement.

The US Congress shows no sign of passing any carbon tax, the Canadians are antagonistic to any carbon tax, the EUs carbon trading scheme is barely working with the Carbon price at a new low.

However that’s all OK, because Australia is going to lead the world!


European Carbon Price collapses





Greenland has been warmer in the past

Greenland has been warmer that currently several times in the last 8000 years. That is Greenland has been warmer than today, with lower levels of Carbon Dioxide levels that today. Two studies have been released over the past few weeks that show that there was less Artic Sea Ice than today, and higher temperatures.

The University of Copenhagen has a study which examined driftwood deposits over the last ten thousand years, and it showed that “For several thousand years, there was much less sea ice in the Arctic Ocean – probably less than half of current amounts.” .  During a period between 8000 and 5000 years ago called the Holocene Climate Optimum there was half the level of sea ice than there is today. Yet the world did not tip into “runaway climate change” as the doom-sayers predict we will today, with a higher level of ice cover.

Another peer reviewed paper published by Takuro Kobashi and others shows that Greenland surface temperatures where higher than today several times over the last 4000 years. Of course you can be sure that none of these studies will be mentioned on the ABC or published in the Fairfax media.

Greenland temperatures over the last 4000 years


"we haven’t had snowfall like this in more than 140 years"

New York City has its earliest snowfall in 140 years. 2 million people are without power in the North Eastern United States.

If this had been a long heat-wave the advocates of the AGW religion would be telling us all how this was all caused by global warming. However when its the first significant snowfall in October since 1879, they all stay pretty quiet.

The earliest snow in 140 years in Central Park New York City

Do Australians really understand what this carbon tax is about?

I was struck by a comment in this Australian story about the carbon tax passing today through the House of Representatives. Its not the first time I have seen comments that completely show no understanding of the carbon tax.





“People with respiratory complaints will most certainly benefit with what will be cleaner air for them.” . Does Charles of NSW have any idea what the carbon tax is about? Carbon Dioxide is not know for causing respiratory complaints. If the Australia Federal Government removed 100% of the carbon dioxide from the air, there would be exactly the same number of people with respiratory complaints, but unfortunately with no carbon dioxide in the atmosphere there would be no plant growth worldwide, so people who had respiratory complaints would, along with everyone else, starve to death.

Eventually the real effects of the Carbon Tax will dawn on the minority of Australians that support the tax, and they may well join the majority that opposes it.

However on this very day that the Carbon Tax was passed through the Australian Federal Parliament here were the top ten read stories on,  as well as that pro climate change paper, The Age. Obviously Australians care little:











The 18 Carbon Tax bills presented to the Australian Parliament

Thousands of extra public servants. New public servant bureaucracies.  1129 pages and 255,539 words of legislation. How much will it decrease the earth’s temperature? zero.

Here are links to the carbon tax bills:

1. Clean Energy Bill 2011 

2. Clean Energy (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011

3. Clean Energy (Income Tax Rates Amendments) Bill 2011 

4. Clean Energy (Household Assistance Amendments) Bill 2011 

5. Clean Energy (Tax Laws Amendments) Bill 2011 

6. Clean Energy (Fuel Tax Legislation Amendment) Bill 2011 

7. Clean Energy (Customs Tariff Amendment) Bill 2011 

8. Clean Energy (Excise Tariff Legislation Amendment) Bill 2011 

9. Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (Import Levy) Amendment Bill 2011 

10. Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas (Manufacture Levy) Amendment Bill 2011 

11. Clean Energy (Unit Shortfall Charge—General) Bill 2011 

12. Clean Energy (Unit Issue Charge—Auctions) Bill 2011 

13. Clean Energy (Unit Issue Charge—Fixed Charge) Bill 2011 

14. Clean Energy (International Unit Surrender Charge) Bill 2011 

15. Clean Energy (Charges—Excise) Bill 2011 

16. Clean Energy Regulator Bill 2011  

17. Climate Change Authority Bill 2011 

18. Clean Energy (Charges—Customs) Bill 2011 

climate change carbon tax australia

England has it coldest summer in 18 years

The carbon dioxide levels go up every year. The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) forecasts show that the world should be warming more and more, yet observation does not match those computer models.

England has had its coldest summer since 1993, with an average temperature of 15C. The normal average is 17C. This is not just the odd cold day, this is a entire season.  Last December was the coldest December in 120 years in the UK.

Is it just possible that the climate scientists have their computer models wrong? The latest CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets) experiments at CERN show what some climate change sceptics have been saying for years, that Cosmic Rays effect cloud formation. This means that the existing computer models for cloud formation are wrong, and that the sun can have a bigger input on the earth’s atmosphere than previously thought.

However our Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the science is settled.

Just maybe this object 140 million kilometres away, may have more influence of the climate than man made carbon dioxide