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More money wasted on "Green" subsidies

So much money is wasted by Australian Governments on so-called “Green” investments.

The latest on the Toyota Camry Hybrid read in The Australian here

A subsidy of $3500 per car provided by Australian and Victorian taxpayers. They will only be purchased by either State and Federal Governments who don’t care how much the cars cost – or […]

Years of the media all their way - now Climate Change believers wonder-what now?

A year ago you heard nothing from Climate Change skeptics on the ABC, or read anything about skeptics in The Age or the SMH. Climate Change was the new religion, and no criticism was allowed. However now a year later, the Climate Change believers wonder what has happened.

Here is a good example : How can […]

Another Coal Export deal - hurrah! - but wait - its that deadly coal stuff?

Palmer, Bligh in $69b China coal deal

Lots of revenue for the Queensland State Government, 7000 jobs, a twenty year contract… all fantastic stuff, but this is COAL. The stuff of the devil that produces more CO2 per tonne than anything else…and everyone is celebrating?

40 million tonnes a year of thermal coal going to China power […]

Omitted: The Bright Side of Global Warming

Global warming alarmist forget how much harder life would have been 200+ years ago with the temperatures during and just after the Little Ice Age. The world has been naturally warming since the Little Ice Age and thank goodness it has. An article from the Wall Street Journal on why warming has benefits here

Could global […]

A great comment from The Punch

Charles Kelly says:

02:55pm | 04/02/10

Once again, if you climate change alarmists believe so strongly in this new religion of yours, why don’t you voluntarily contribute a major amount of your time and income to your “necessary” cause? If it was really that urgent and important, you’d all be jumping at the chance to do as […]

Why Climate Change extremists alienate normal people

This is why people are skeptical about Climate Change . Climate Change proponents have to push their shrill comments to a more and more extreme level – and people just turn off.

if you want to read this latest shrill claim that the world is close to ending its here

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The building opposition to Rudds ETS

What a great election it will be this year if it is based on the ETS

Robert Gottliebsen taking about the mining industry and how the ETS will destroy Australias wealth

to quote just one paragraph:

In the past few weeks, as I talked with mining and power chiefs, I discovered a deep sense of anger and frustration. […]

A carbon tax does not mean there will be any new power technologies

One comment from ABC the world today. An ETS scheme and $100 Billion costs on business does not guarantee development of new technologies.  If hundreds of billions of dollars is taken out of Australian business and handed over to households – how does that money get to develop new technologies?

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An Election on the ETS - bring it on

Tony Abbott announces his new Climate Change Policy:

Tony’s cut through climate plan

It almost does not matter what the plan is, as long as its not an ETS. Kevin Rudd will have to explain to the electorate what an ETS is, and it will be very enjoyable to watch him doing it.

Here is Peter Martin Economic […]