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More end of the world from the ABC

On the World Today on ABC radio today (may 21st 2010) Shane McLeod interviewed Alarmist environmentalist Bill McKibben. Was there any serious questioning of McKibben of some of his outrageous claims? – Of course not – this is the ABC remember – back on the climate change bandwagon.

Bill McKibben says: “Everything frozen on Earth is […]

ACF / ACTU Green Jobs report - 40 pages of claims with no evidence

Having just heard another obsequious interview by Alison Carabine on ABC Radio National Breakfast about the ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) and ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) report entitled “Green Gold Rush: How ambitious environmental policy can make Australia a leader in the global race for green jobs“, I thought I would download it […]

More Tim Flannery Hyperbole

Professor Tim Flannery speaking on ABC Radio Darwin here, interviewed by a fawning ABC announcer, makes more way out comments about Climate Change.

He says that most Climate Change skeptics are “men over 65”. This is contracticted by this Galaxy Poll here that shows that two thirds of the population now do not believe that […]