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Steve Biddulph and his climate change predictions

After the win by the Liberal Party in the Victorian State Elections  last weekend, I remembered an article by Steve Biddulph in the Sydney Morning Herald, three years ago. In this article he was ” willing to stake my 30 years as a psychologist” on various doomsday predictions.

He was so wrong.

He stated that 2007 will […]

Climategate, one year on

It was a year ago on the 20th November 2009 that the Climategate emails were released from from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia.

What a difference a year makes.

In November 2009 Bernard Keane at Crikey was still banging on about Climate Change Deniers and saying “denial is only one […]

What is a carbon tax?

A carbon tax is a tax on any fuel that contains carbon atoms. If you believe the ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) this carbon tax will make “make clean technology cheaper by putting a price tag on pollution”. What they don’t tell you is it just makes “clean” technology relatively cheaper by putting up the price […]

Solar Panel subsidy waste, this is what Australian taxpayers are paying for

Further to my post on the waste of money spent on solar panel installations, here are some pictures of solar panel installations that are a complete waste of money (mostly taxpayers money in the form of a subsidy). To understand this waste, you need to understand that solar panels are at their most efficient when […]

$1.1 Billion Dollars wasted on Solar Power

Further to my post on the wasted money of Australia Taxpayers, two researchers at ANU (Australian national University) have confirmed my views.  ANU researchers Andrew Macintosh and Deb Wilkinson from the ANU Centre for Law and Climate Policy found that even though the Australian Government had spent $1.1 billion dollars on taxpayer subsidies on […]

But its got solar panels on the roof, so doesn’t that make it green?

The Adelaide Central Bus Station. Vast areas of glass facing west making sure it gets lots of sun on those hot Adelaide summer days. Lots of air conditioning needed. But its OK, its got a 50kw solar panel installation on the roof – so its a “Green” building!!

Greenwashing at its best

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