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Gillard cancels Climate Change programs

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has dropped several schemes that are a response to Climate Change, to save money for the Queensland Flood reconstruction. Its good riddance to most of these schemes. However the Labor/Green alliance has promised the upcoming carbon tax will be used to fight climate change, by making every Australian pay more […]

State of the Union 2011 no mention of Climate Change

President Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address makes no mention of Climate Change. No mention of a Cap and Trade scheme, or a Carbon Tax.  No mention of Global Warming.

So the leader of the richest and most powerful nation in the world makes no commitment on Climate Change.  Meanwhile on the other side […]

Burning Coal caused the Brisbane Floods

Greens Senator Bob Brown says that the floods in Brisbane were caused by burning coal. He said in Hobart on Sunday 16th January 2011  “It’s the single biggest cause – burning coal – for climate change and it must take its major share of responsibility for the weather events we are seeing unfolding now”

Well, the […]

The new Green Jobs are in China

The Greens (the party) and other Climate alarmists will tell you that investment in renewables will result in tens of thousands of new “Green Jobs”. What they don’t tell you is that most of these “Green Jobs” are in China.

News of another Solar panel manufacturer moving to China from the USA.  Australia has no Solar […]

Climate Change and the Brisbane Floods

There are already people claiming that the Brisbane Floods are the result of Climate Change. Australian Climate change committee member Professor Will Steffen has stated that there was no direct link between climate change and the Queensland floods. However he says that “As the climate warms, there is more water vapour in the atmosphere,” and […]

Don't call it Carbon Dioxide call it pollution

The Climate Change religion is struggling in its battle to convince the public about the so called dangers of CO2. There is a decreasing trend in coverage in the media of climate change issues. Less and less of the Australian public believe in man made climate change, and even less think we should do something […]

2010 was the third wettest year on record in Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology has announced that 2010 was the 3rd wettest year on record (since 1900) . As well it was Australia’s coolest year since 2001. It was not too many years ago (2007) that the Bureau of Meteorology was telling us that Global Warming meant “climate projections that foreshadow general drying across […]

UK Coldest December for 120 years

December 2010 was in the United Kingdom the coldest December since 1890.  The average temperature (1961-1990)  in the UK in December is 4.7C, while this December was an average of -0.8C,  5C lower than average. There were ten nights when the temperature dropped below -18C somewhere in the UK.

So the usual suspects who are first […]