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Climate Commission predicts the end of the world

The “independent” Climate Commission has released its first report. The “independent” Climate Commission was appointed by an Australian Federal Labor/Green alliance government that wants to introduce a carbon tax. So the Federal Government appointed members to the Climate Commission that would endorse the Labor/Green alliance views.  And surprise, surprise, it has produced a report that […]

Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said.

Australian Green Senator Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said in 2007. He wants you to forget that he said that he wanted the coal industry shut down. He was quite happy in 2007 to have tens of thousands of jobs lost, whole towns wiped out,  support industries shut down.

He said in 2007 […]

Perisher Ski Resort to open early

Well what a difference nearly ten years make.  In 2002 the CSIRO was predicting that Global Warming would reduce the snow cover on Australian ski resorts. They said “that scientific modelling suggests a very real threat exists to snowfields in both New South Wales and Victoria”

Nine years later, and Perisher Ski Resort opens three weeks […]

Carbon Price above $40 a tonne?

A Deloittes report commissioned by the Australian Federal Government states that the Carbon Tax price will have to be at least $40 per tonne to encourage the building of gas-fired power plants. Of course the Federal Government Labor/Green Alliance Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is running away as fast as he can from the idea […]