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Climate Commision closed down, Tim Flannery out of a job

The Climate Commission -  global warming alarmist propaganda organisation – has been closed down by the incoming Abbot Federal Government.  As well the part time chairman Tim Flannery has lost his part-time job which paid $180,000 per year. Now we need to get rid of the hundreds of public servants who work for the Federal […]

IPCC - We got it wrong on warming


Its only based on leaks coming out of the IPCC, but it looks like the exaggerations of the last 20 years by climate alarmists are going to finally be wound back. The warming since 1997 which has been close to zero has forced the IPCC to rethink the computer modelling and finally admit that it […]

Climate alarmists get more frustrated, and dismiss carbon taxes

Two interesting articles today show the irritation of Climate alarmists, and how frustrated they are with the progress of their political agenda aimed at forcing the general population to accept radical climate change policies.

Guy Pearce has written a new book that advocates that Australia not export any more coal (something even the Greens have given […]

Arctic Sea Ice coverage higher than last year

Arctic Sea ice coverage is higher than 2012, as well as 2011 and 2007.  Yet another example of climate alarmists making predictions about the future that do not come true.

In 2007 the BBC published an article quoting Professor Wieslaw Maslowski that the Arctic would be ice-free by 2013. Yet here we are in 2013, and […]

The end of the Carbon Tax gets closer

A robopoll showing 51.1 percent support the abolishing the Carbon Tax while 35.4 percent oppose 03 09 2013 three days before the election

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Finally the Carbon tax is an election issue.

Finally in the last week of the election campaign carbon tax and its effect on Australia has been raised as an election issue. Kevin “great moral challenge” Rudd has tried to avoid raising the Carbon Tax by saying that he will bring the ETS (emissions trading scheme)  period forward, ending the Carbon Tax period early. […]