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59% of economists support the carbon tax

Now we should be really worried

Carbon Tax supporter Fairfax journalist Peter Martin tweets enthusiastically that 59 per cent of economists at the Economic Society support the carbon tax. We should be so relieved.

Are these the same economists that did not see the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) coming?

For example Peter Martin extolling the virtues of the Labor Government and how well it was doing, and how rosy the future looked in February 2008.

Or the Reserve Bank in March 2008 stating that inflation was the real problem, and Australia was just due for a bit of below par growth.

Of course there were those hundreds of economists in Treasury in January 2008 predicting an 18 billion dollar surplus for the Federal Government.

We should so trust economists. They are so good are predicting the future. How could they get a carbon tax wrong?

the GFC so well predicted by economists. We should be fine if they say the carbon tax is OK?




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