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Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said.

Australian Green Senator Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said in 2007. He wants you to forget that he said that he wanted the coal industry shut down. He was quite happy in 2007 to have tens of thousands of jobs lost, whole towns wiped out,  support industries shut down.

He said in 2007 ” Last week, I called on whoever wins office at this year’s election to commit to a plan to phase out coal exports”. He was quite happy to retrench the 28,000 people that work in the coal industry plus the thousands of other workers who support the coal industry. He was quite happy for Australia to forgo the billions of dollars in export income from the coal industry.

However in 2011, Senator Bob Brown seems to have forgotten what he said. He now claims it was an invention of the evil Murdoch press. The transcript of a press conference he had:

INTERVIEWER: That $11 billion that you’re talking about is money that he would forego in the mining tax, and I noticed you started your budget and reply speech just there. How would you replace the $50 billion a year in export income which comes by way of coal – an industry that you’d shut down?

BROWN: Well, a lot of that money is bouncing straight back out to shareholders overseas. Now what we’re…

INTERVIEWER: A lot of that money is circulating in the economy. It’s creating job, Senator, it’s bouncing through to our cities.

BROWN: Yes, Chris, and what we would do is take the advice of the Treasury of this nation and recoup the $145 billion over the next 10 years through a super profits tax. Tony Abbott says…

INTERVIEWER: But you can’t recoup it if you shut the industry down.

BROWN: Treasury…

INTERVIEWER: If you shut the coal industry down there won’t be that money…

BROWN: I’m sorry…

INTERVIEWER: ..available to you.

BROWN: I’m sorry, Chris, Treasury has no intention to shut the industry down. it tends to- it tends…

INTERVIEWER: No, but you do.

BROWN: No, I’m not.

Another Climate Change evangelist also wants to shut the coal industry down, none other than Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery.   Flannery said in 2007 that is was no longer socially acceptable for Australia to be exporting coal.

Senator Bob Brown

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