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Carbon Price above $40 a tonne?

A Deloittes report commissioned by the Australian Federal Government states that the Carbon Tax price will have to be at least $40 per tonne to encourage the building of gas-fired power plants. Of course the Federal Government Labor/Green Alliance Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is running away as fast as he can from the idea that the Carbon Tax will be $40 per tonne. However the Greens are telling the truth, they know it will have to be well above $40 per tonne to make expensive alternative energy equal in price to cheap coal-fired power generation. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young says that the Carbon Price would have to be above $100 per tonne.

The Federal Government Labor/Green Alliance does not want the Australian population to know that after we transfer from a Carbon Tax to and ETS the Carbon Tax could be much higher than $40 per tonne. With an ETS, the governments preferred model, they would have no control over the carbon price, it would be subject to the whims of the financial markets.

How much more will the Australia public be forced to pay for electricity, petrol, diesel and goods and services if the Carbon Price is greater than $40 per tonne?

Petrol prices in Australia soon with a carbon tax?

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