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Greg Combet does not want Australia to be prosperous

Australian Labor/Green Alliance Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet said yesterday “Our reliance on coal-fired power generation has made us prosperous.” However Greg Combet obviously does not want this prosperity to continue, as he wants to tax coal fired power stations out of existence.

Greg Combet says “Around 80 per cent of our electricity is generated by coal.“, and we have benefited from “cheap electricity generated from coal”.  However not anymore, as Greg Combet wants to close down those coal-fired power stations, that work perfectly well providing electricity all over Australia, and build new power stations that will generate electricity at a considerably higher cost than coal.

Is there anything wrong with these coal-fired power stations? Are we running out of coal?

The answer to both questions is No.

Yet while we dismantle these coal-fired power stations giving us cheap electricity, Greg Combet is happy for us to export our coal around the world. He says “The coal industry is a very vibrant industry with a strong future”.

So we are happy to export our coal to China, where they will burn it to produce cheap electricity to benefit their industries. While Australian industry with expensive power will have to compete against those overseas competitors with cheap power .

The coal exported will put the same CO2 into the atmosphere, whether it was burnt in Australia to produce cheap electricity, or burnt in China to produce cheap electricity.

Port Augusta power station burning brown coal from Leigh Creek

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