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Just one Indian State will install more coal-fired power stations than all of Australia

The Indian State of Andhra Pradesh is in the process of installing 37 coal-powered power stations over the next few years. The capacity of these extra 37 coal-fired power stations is 56GW, which compares with Australia’s total installed electricity capacity of 57GW. As an example, just one coal-fired power station at Krishnapatnam is under construction which will have a capacity of 4000MW. This compares with Victoria’s Hazelwood coal-fired power station which supplies 25% of Victoria’s  power and has a capacity of just 1600MW.

So the Federal Labor/Green alliance government is going to use hundreds of millions of dollars of Australian taxpayers money to close down Hazelwood power station. At the same time in India, just one (of many) Indian states is building a new coal-fired power station with twice the installed capacity of Hazelwood, as well as dozens more coal-fired power stations.

So closing down Hazelwood is going to stop Climate Change?

Hazelwood Power Station soon to be replaced by an even bigger coal fired power station in India



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