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Lets close down Australia

The Greens have already said they want to close down the coal industry and stop the export of coal. They also want to close down the brown coal power stations in the Latrobe Valley effectively closing down the brown coal industry in Victoria.

The latest is that the Greens are happy for the Carbon Tax to result in One Steel in Whyalla  closing down,  a town where 4000 of its 22,000 people are employed by One Steel.  Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young wants Whyalla to magically become a high capacity wind generator manufacturer, which no one else does in Australia. In fact more and more of the manufacture of wind turbines happens in China.  Senator Hansen-Young wants Eyre Peninsular covered in wind farms even through there is growing opposition to wind farms in South Australia.

The Greens solution to losing 4000 jobs in Whyalla because of the Carbon Tax

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