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Mike Rann wants to make sure that South Australia has more expensive power

South Australian Premier Mike Rann tweets “Announcing that SA wants to set the toughest emission limits anywhere in Australia for electricity production.” and “The  C02 emission limits we are proposing would effectively prevent the construction of new coal fired power stations in SA.”

That guarantees South Australians will be paying more for their electricity.  South Australians who are on average the poorest people on the mainland of Australia. Coal fired power stations are the cheapest way to produce electricity. Australia has at least two hundred years of coal supplies to produce reliable base-load power. However Mike Rann wants the South Australian poor to pay more for electricity. He wants South Australian industry to pay more for its power, so it is harder to complete against Chinese industry that happily uses coal to produce electricity.

This hurts South Australians for what benefit?

So Mike Rann can feel virtuous?

Premier Mike Rann

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