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The carbon price will always be increasing

Treasury projection 2050 Carbon Price of $131 to $275 per tonne

Prime Minister Julia Gillard likes to tell the Australia people that the carbon tax will have only a small impact on them. However its only the beginning.

The treasury projections for 2050 are in real terms (discounted for inflation) from a minimum of $131 per tonne to a maximum of $275 per tonne. Of course the carbon tax will be hidden as an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) by then, but it will still be a tax on Australian industry and people.

Imagine if a $23 per tonne carbon tax causes a 10% increase in power prices (although the NSW government says it will be 20%), what will a $275 carbon tax, ten times larger do to electricity prices?

Imagine what a carbon price on petrol and diesel, which the greens want to introduce, will do to fuel prices at a carbon tax of $275 per tonne?

the carbon price ever increasing

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