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Thrilled ABC pushes its pro-carbon tax agenda

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) gets a chance, on a slow news day on Sunday, to push its pro-carbon tax line. The article (with no byline other than ABC/AAP) reports in excited terms about the pro-carbon tax rallys in Australia Capital cities. The ABC had no problems quoting Don Henry head of the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) saying that because 10,000 rent-a-crowd protesters turned out in Melbourne (only 2000 in Brisbane) then that showed that the majority of people supported action on climate change. Really?

Its so disappointing for the ABC’s pro-carbon tax agenda when the next day the Daily Telegraph posts a story showing that 75% of people surveyed  thought the carbon tax would do nothing to help the environment, and 64 percent of those surveyed wanted a new election, because they believed Prime Minister Julia Gillard had no mandate for a carbon tax.  Especially when she promised before the election not to have a carbon tax.

A chance for the excited ABC to push its pro carbon tax agenda


















Update: Fran Kelly on ABC Insiders 19th June says “I am firmly of the view that there should be a price on carbon”. Is there no surprise that the ABC pushes a pro-carbon tax line?


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