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What other countries have a carbon tax?


The supporters of the Labor/Green Carbon Tax introduced on the 1st July 2012 love to tell us that there are lots of other countries with carbon taxes, and that there are other countries are rushing to legislate a carbon tax. Well how to these carbon taxes compare?

Country Rate per tonne Start Date How much CO2 emitted Notes
Australia $23 1st July 2012 399,219 Economy wide tax
Europe $7.91 2008 4,177,817 price has been dropping over the years
New Zealand $NZ12.50 2010 33,095 not economy wide tax = $A10
Finland 20 euros 1990 56,512 many exemptions. CO2 output has grown
India $1 2010 1,742,698 only on coal
USA none none proposed
China $1.55 2015? 7,031,916 proposed
Ireland 15 euros 2010 43,604 does not apply to electricity
UK none 522,856 small climate change levy on electicity
Japan none 1,208,163 none proposed
Taiwan none 258,599 none proposed
Canada none 544,091 none proposed. State tax in BC
Norway $21 1992 49,920 many exemptions, CO2 output has grown

Its easy to see that the biggest CO2 emitters in the world have either no Carbon Tax or a very small one covering limited areas of the economy. Only Australia which has one of the highest rate of Carbon Tax effecting most of the economy because it applies to electricity consumption.


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