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What percentage of global emissions will Australias carbon tax reduce?

Labor/Greens alliance Prime Minister Julia Gillard does not like to answer this question, because it is such a small number.

The Carbon Tax aims to reduce Australia’s CO2 output by 160 million tonnes. World CO2 emissions in 2008 were 29,888,121 million tonnes.

So that makes Australia’s CO2 reduction 0.00053533% . That is such a small number its hard to comprehend. Think of it as approximately 5/10,000   or 5 divided by ten thousand  percent.

However that is based on 2008 CO2 output, and the 160 million tonnes saving is aimed to happen in 2020. What is the percentage saving of the worlds CO2 output by Australia in 2020?

Well its predicted that CO2 output will rise by 1.2% per annum. That means in 2020 world carbon dioxide emissions will be 34,487,742 million tonnes.

So Australia’s carbon tax saves 0.000463933% of the worlds CO2 output. Its even less than 5 divided by ten thousand percent.

Billions of dollars of taxes on Australia people and businesses. Extra federal government agencies with thousands more bureaucrats. Businesses closing and businesses moving off-shore.

All to save 0.000463933% of the worlds CO2 output.


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