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Climate Change Alarmists are losing the PR battle

In the same week as the heavily political IPCC report is released, the Climate Change alarmists are steadily losing the public relations battle. The latest Essential polling shows that support for Carbon Pricing has dropped with only 39% of the population supporting it while 47% oppose. As well a majority of people (35%) support the […]

Finally the Carbon tax is an election issue.

Finally in the last week of the election campaign carbon tax and its effect on Australia has been raised as an election issue. Kevin “great moral challenge” Rudd has tried to avoid raising the Carbon Tax by saying that he will bring the ETS (emissions trading scheme)  period forward, ending the Carbon Tax period early. […]

Australian Federal Government misinformation about other countries carbon taxes

The Australia Labor/Greens Federal Government continues to spread misinformation about what other countries are doing about carbon pricing. Here is a page from which has the misinformation corrected. (click on the image for a large view)

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What other countries have a carbon tax?


The supporters of the Labor/Green Carbon Tax introduced on the 1st July 2012 love to tell us that there are lots of other countries with carbon taxes, and that there are other countries are rushing to legislate a carbon tax. Well how to these carbon taxes compare?

Rate per tonne
Start Date
How much CO2 emitted

1st July 2012
Economy […]

Australia goes it alone with a Carbon Tax

The Copenhagen Climate Change talks in 2010 failed to produce a binding Climate Change agreement.  Durban in 2011 fails as well. The result in Durban was not a binding agreement to reduce carbon dioxide output, it was an agreement to negotiate an agreement sometime before 2015, and that hypothetical agreement will cut emissions starting in […]

Do Australians really understand what this carbon tax is about?

I was struck by a comment in this Australian story about the carbon tax passing today through the House of Representatives. Its not the first time I have seen comments that completely show no understanding of the carbon tax.





“People with respiratory complaints will most certainly benefit with what will be cleaner air for them.” . […]

The 18 Carbon Tax bills presented to the Australian Parliament

Thousands of extra public servants. New public servant bureaucracies.  1129 pages and 255,539 words of legislation. How much will it decrease the earth’s temperature? zero.

Here are links to the carbon tax bills:

1. Clean Energy Bill 2011 

2. Clean Energy (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2011

3. Clean Energy (Income Tax Rates Amendments) Bill 2011 

4. Clean Energy (Household Assistance Amendments) Bill 2011 

5. Clean Energy (Tax […]

Carbon Tax will cost Australia $1.35 Trillion dollars

According to the Australian Federal Government Treasury modelling the introduction of a carbon tax will reduce Australia’s National Income. How much will it be decreased by over the 38 years to 2050?

The Treasury modelling predicts that GDP (Gross Domestic Product) will be 2.8 per cent lower in 2050 than it would have been without a […]

Just one Indian State will install more coal-fired power stations than all of Australia

The Indian State of Andhra Pradesh is in the process of installing 37 coal-powered power stations over the next few years. The capacity of these extra 37 coal-fired power stations is 56GW, which compares with Australia’s total installed electricity capacity of 57GW. As an example, just one coal-fired power station at Krishnapatnam is under construction […]

Coal Mining decreases under the Carbon Tax

Treasury modelling shows coal production drops by 30% by 2020

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan might keep saying that the coal industry has a bright future, but the Treasury economic modelling shows a different story.

Wayne Swan said only two days ago that “Australia was going to be exporting more coal”.  That way the […]

Geothermal energy the renewable that never delivers

The latest carbon ad, paid for again by the Australian taxpayer to further ‘educate’ us about renewable energy.

This advertisement features Geodynamics, a renewable energy company that has spend the last ten years trying to develop geothermal energy production near Innamincka in northern South Australia.

How many Megawatts has Geodynamics produced in electricity?


Geodynamics has spent ten years […]

New Carbon Tax Ad

One of the new carbon tax ads, paid for by the Australian taxpayer to “educate” us.  The start of the advertisement is about Hepburn Wind and there are two wind turbines in view.

The two wind turbine shown are made by Vestas a Spanish company who manufacture their Wind turbines in Spain, China and the USA.

No […]

59% of economists support the carbon tax

Now we should be really worried

Carbon Tax supporter Fairfax journalist Peter Martin tweets enthusiastically that 59 per cent of economists at the Economic Society support the carbon tax. We should be so relieved.

Are these the same economists that did not see the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) coming?

For example Peter Martin extolling the virtues of the […]

Former Prime Minister John Howard says Australia would be crazy to have a carbon tax

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has mentioned several times in the last week that former Prime Minister John Howard took an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to the 2007 election. Here John Howard is interviewed by ABC carbon tax supporter Barrie Cassidy , and refutes Julia Gillard. John Howard says Australia should not move ahead […]

New Chinese coal mine wipes out the savings from Australian Carbon Tax

A new coal mine in China, in Xinjiang Uygur being developed by Peabody Energy will produce almost as much CO2 as the CO2 emissions saved by Australia’s Carbon Tax.

Peabody Energy Corporation are to develop an open cut coal mine that will produce 50 million tonnes per year of coal. This coal burnt in power stations […]

The carbon price will always be increasing

Treasury projection 2050 Carbon Price of $131 to $275 per tonne

Prime Minister Julia Gillard likes to tell the Australia people that the carbon tax will have only a small impact on them. However its only the beginning.

The treasury projections for 2050 are in real terms (discounted for inflation) from a minimum of $131 per tonne […]

What percentage of global emissions will Australias carbon tax reduce?

Labor/Greens alliance Prime Minister Julia Gillard does not like to answer this question, because it is such a small number.

The Carbon Tax aims to reduce Australia’s CO2 output by 160 million tonnes. World CO2 emissions in 2008 were 29,888,121 million tonnes.

So that makes Australia’s CO2 reduction 0.00053533% . That is such a small number its […]

Julia Gillard confronted over Carbon Tax lie

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is confronted by a real voter who questions her on her lie before the election where she claimed ” There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. This lie gave the Labor Party the chance to slip into government. Julia Gillard still denies she lied in this […]

With a Carbon Tax Australia's CO2 emissions still increase

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Greens leader Bob Brown don’t want to point this out, but under the Carbon Tax – according to the governments own treasury modelling -the amount of Carbon Dioxide “Pollution” emitted by Australia as a whole will increase by 2020.

Current Greenhouse gas emissions are at 578 million tonnes of CO2.

In 2020 […]

Australia the only country in the world with an economy-wide carbon tax

And the rest of the world does not care.

Australia will be the first country in the world to have an economy wide carbon tax. Even though Australia produces 1.32% of the worlds carbon dioxide output, we will be punishing our industry and people with a carbon tax.

And to meet the target of 160 Million tonnes […]