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Norway an example of a carbon tax that does not work

Norway introduced a carbon tax in 1991. It was set at $US65 per tonne. The carbon tax was placed on fossil fuels, and applied to petrol and diesel. As a result of the carbon tax, Norway has the most expensive fuel in Europe. While the current price for unleaded petrol in Australia is $1.35 […]

Carbon Tax Video

Prime Minister Julia Gillard promising not to introduce a carbon tax 6 days before the 2011 election:


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Lets close down Australia

The Greens have already said they want to close down the coal industry and stop the export of coal. They also want to close down the brown coal power stations in the Latrobe Valley effectively closing down the brown coal industry in Victoria.

The latest is that the Greens are happy for the Carbon Tax to […]

Thrilled ABC pushes its pro-carbon tax agenda

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) gets a chance, on a slow news day on Sunday, to push its pro-carbon tax line. The article (with no byline other than ABC/AAP) reports in excited terms about the pro-carbon tax rallys in Australia Capital cities. The ABC had no problems quoting Don Henry head of the Australian Conservation […]

Canberra insiders still wishin and a hopin

Canberra insider Barrie Cassidy does not like Liberal opposition leader Tony Abbott and his continued opposition to the carbon tax. Barrie Cassidy has already written his low opinion of Federal Liberal Opposition leader Tony Abbott, and anyone watching ABC Insiders over the years knows he is committed to a carbon tax, and cannot understand why […]

Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said.

Australian Green Senator Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said in 2007. He wants you to forget that he said that he wanted the coal industry shut down. He was quite happy in 2007 to have tens of thousands of jobs lost, whole towns wiped out,  support industries shut down.

He said in 2007 […]

Carbon Price above $40 a tonne?

A Deloittes report commissioned by the Australian Federal Government states that the Carbon Tax price will have to be at least $40 per tonne to encourage the building of gas-fired power plants. Of course the Federal Government Labor/Green Alliance Climate Change Minister Greg Combet is running away as fast as he can from the idea […]

The Dangers of Natural Gas

The Federal Government  Labor/Green alliance would like to close down all operating coal-fired power stations in Australia. The fact that these coal-fired power stations all work perfectly well, and could continue to work decades into the future means nothing. The Gillard government is determined to destroy this infrastructure and replace it with renewables or gas-fired power stations.

Why […]

Garnaut, if you disagree with me you are ignorant

Professor Ross Garnaut who is an economist, not a climate scientist, says that the debate on the carbon tax is a debate between science and ignorance. If you don’t agree with the Professor, you are ignorant.

He said– ” It’s not the first time we’ve had contests between knowledge and ignorance that are of great significance […]

Why the Carbon Tax is not like the GST

Once the GST was passed by the Australian Parliament most people accepted the GST as a new tax, and a done deal. Many people may have whinged about its implementation, the dreaded BAS form, and all that is involved in the GST. Ultimately in the end, nearly everyone agrees that the Federal Government has to […]

Carbon Tax from July 1 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced Australia will have a Carbon Tax in place from 1st July 2012. Australians will then pay more for fuel and Electricity.

All Australian businesses will pay more for their energy use. Any overseas competitor in the USA or China will not have to pay a Carbon Tax.

Even if your […]

Gillard cancels Climate Change programs

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has dropped several schemes that are a response to Climate Change, to save money for the Queensland Flood reconstruction. Its good riddance to most of these schemes. However the Labor/Green alliance has promised the upcoming carbon tax will be used to fight climate change, by making every Australian pay more […]

State of the Union 2011 no mention of Climate Change

President Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address makes no mention of Climate Change. No mention of a Cap and Trade scheme, or a Carbon Tax.  No mention of Global Warming.

So the leader of the richest and most powerful nation in the world makes no commitment on Climate Change.  Meanwhile on the other side […]

Burning Coal caused the Brisbane Floods

Greens Senator Bob Brown says that the floods in Brisbane were caused by burning coal. He said in Hobart on Sunday 16th January 2011  “It’s the single biggest cause – burning coal – for climate change and it must take its major share of responsibility for the weather events we are seeing unfolding now”

Well, the […]

Greg Combet does not want Australia to be prosperous

Australian Labor/Green Alliance Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet said yesterday “Our reliance on coal-fired power generation has made us prosperous.” However Greg Combet obviously does not want this prosperity to continue, as he wants to tax coal fired power stations out of existence.

Greg Combet says “Around 80 per cent of our […]

Mike Rann wants to make sure that South Australia has more expensive power

South Australian Premier Mike Rann tweets “Announcing that SA wants to set the toughest emission limits anywhere in Australia for electricity production.” and “The  C02 emission limits we are proposing would effectively prevent the construction of new coal fired power stations in SA.”

That guarantees South Australians will be paying more for their electricity.  South Australians […]

What is a carbon tax?

A carbon tax is a tax on any fuel that contains carbon atoms. If you believe the ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) this carbon tax will make “make clean technology cheaper by putting a price tag on pollution”. What they don’t tell you is it just makes “clean” technology relatively cheaper by putting up the price […]