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Geothermal energy the renewable that never delivers

The latest carbon ad, paid for again by the Australian taxpayer to further ‘educate’ us about renewable energy.

This advertisement features Geodynamics, a renewable energy company that has spend the last ten years trying to develop geothermal energy production near Innamincka in northern South Australia.

How many Megawatts has Geodynamics produced in electricity?


Geodynamics has spent ten years […]

Why the Carbon Tax is not like the GST

Once the GST was passed by the Australian Parliament most people accepted the GST as a new tax, and a done deal. Many people may have whinged about its implementation, the dreaded BAS form, and all that is involved in the GST. Ultimately in the end, nearly everyone agrees that the Federal Government has to […]

Carbon Tax from July 1 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced Australia will have a Carbon Tax in place from 1st July 2012. Australians will then pay more for fuel and Electricity.

All Australian businesses will pay more for their energy use. Any overseas competitor in the USA or China will not have to pay a Carbon Tax.

Even if your […]

ACF / ACTU Green Jobs report - 40 pages of claims with no evidence

Having just heard another obsequious interview by Alison Carabine on ABC Radio National Breakfast about the ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) and ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions) report entitled “Green Gold Rush: How ambitious environmental policy can make Australia a leader in the global race for green jobs“, I thought I would download it […]

The building opposition to Rudds ETS

What a great election it will be this year if it is based on the ETS

Robert Gottliebsen taking about the mining industry and how the ETS will destroy Australias wealth

to quote just one paragraph:

In the past few weeks, as I talked with mining and power chiefs, I discovered a deep sense of anger and frustration. […]

A carbon tax does not mean there will be any new power technologies

One comment from ABC the world today. An ETS scheme and $100 Billion costs on business does not guarantee development of new technologies.  If hundreds of billions of dollars is taken out of Australian business and handed over to households – how does that money get to develop new technologies?

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