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Geothermal energy the renewable that never delivers

The latest carbon ad, paid for again by the Australian taxpayer to further ‘educate’ us about renewable energy.

This advertisement features Geodynamics, a renewable energy company that has spend the last ten years trying to develop geothermal energy production near Innamincka in northern South Australia.

How many Megawatts has Geodynamics produced in electricity?


Geodynamics has spent ten years […]

The new Green Jobs are in China

The Greens (the party) and other Climate alarmists will tell you that investment in renewables will result in tens of thousands of new “Green Jobs”. What they don’t tell you is that most of these “Green Jobs” are in China.

News of another Solar panel manufacturer moving to China from the USA.  Australia has no Solar […]

Do not subsidise Alternative Energy Programs

The Chairman of the Productivity Commission chairman Gary Banks has warned against subsidising alternative energy sources.  He says  “most of the programs in question serve more as industry assistance than environmental assistance”.

He says that a carbon tax will have significant implications for productivity.

We are already paying for the subsidies for Solar Panels and Wind […]

Solar Panel subsidy waste, this is what Australian taxpayers are paying for

Further to my post on the waste of money spent on solar panel installations, here are some pictures of solar panel installations that are a complete waste of money (mostly taxpayers money in the form of a subsidy). To understand this waste, you need to understand that solar panels are at their most efficient when […]

$1.1 Billion Dollars wasted on Solar Power

Further to my post on the wasted money of Australia Taxpayers, two researchers at ANU (Australian national University) have confirmed my views.  ANU researchers Andrew Macintosh and Deb Wilkinson from the ANU Centre for Law and Climate Policy found that even though the Australian Government had spent $1.1 billion dollars on taxpayer subsidies on […]

But its got solar panels on the roof, so doesn’t that make it green?

The Adelaide Central Bus Station. Vast areas of glass facing west making sure it gets lots of sun on those hot Adelaide summer days. Lots of air conditioning needed. But its OK, its got a 50kw solar panel installation on the roof – so its a “Green” building!!

Greenwashing at its best

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Solar Panel installations cost more than a billion dollars, and we still keep paying

The Australia Government spent up to the end of 2009 more than one billion dollars subsiding the most expensive form of power generation, the installation of solar panels on domestic roof tops. Most of these solar panel installations are not efficient installations optimised to get the most power possible. No they face west, they have […]

More money wasted on "Green" subsidies

So much money is wasted by Australian Governments on so-called “Green” investments.

The latest on the Toyota Camry Hybrid read in The Australian here

A subsidy of $3500 per car provided by Australian and Victorian taxpayers. They will only be purchased by either State and Federal Governments who don’t care how much the cars cost – or […]