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2010 was the third wettest year on record in Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology has announced that 2010 was the 3rd wettest year on record (since 1900) . As well it was Australia’s coolest year since 2001. It was not too many years ago (2007) that the Bureau of Meteorology was telling us that Global Warming meant “climate projections that foreshadow general drying across southern Australia”.

It was also not long ago that the adherents to the Climate Change religion were predicting “long-term climate change” in Australia. Tim Flannery said in 2005 “ongoing drought could leave Sydney’s dams dry in just two years”. Sydney’s dams are now at their highest levels for six years.

South Australian Premier Mike Rann said in 2006 that we were in a 1 in a 1000 year drought, and after spending $1.83 billion dollars on a desal plant, Mike Rann is now looking to moth-ball the desal plant because Adelaide dams are full, and Adelaide’s rainfall in 2010 was 50 mm above average.

So does Climate Change cause more droughts or more rain?

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