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A great comment from The Punch

Charles Kelly says:

02:55pm | 04/02/10

Once again, if you climate change alarmists believe so strongly in this new religion of yours, why don’t you voluntarily contribute a major amount of your time and income to your “necessary” cause? If it was really that urgent and important, you’d all be jumping at the chance to do as much as you possibly can of your own volition and at your own expense! Why then, are you not? Why are most of you still driving cars, using electrical appliances, eating meat, and buying products and services from countries and companies who are the worst offenders? What are you waiting for? Why is your “urgent” action contingent on the evil “deniers” also footing the bill for your fanaticism?

Instead of spending a large amount of your time sanctimoniously berating the evil “deniers” who you’ve referred to as “loons”, “uneducated”, “simple minded”, “boy-men”, while criticising their “stupidity”, “ignorance” and “deep seeded psychological problems”, why aren’t you devoting every minute of your time and every cent you have to saving this “doomed” world of ours from those who you so clearly despise? How exactly is your time better spent ramming your beliefs down everyone else’s throats, instead of focussing every single bit of your effort into actually practising what you preach?

If your cause genuinely has as much public support as you all like to claim it does, you don’t need the endorsement of those who currently question your claims, nor do you need their funding – so what are you waiting for? Put your own money where your big mouths are! I repeat, why is your “urgent” action contingent on the evil “deniers” also footing the bill for your fanaticism?

you can read the Punch article and the comments including this one here

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