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Another Dalton Minimum?

Solar activity drops again with the sun without sunspots for the first time in 70 days.

SOHO image December 20 2010 with no sunspots

We are just part-way into Solar Cycle 24, which has been much lower than predicted. The Dalton Minimum was a period of low sunspot activity from 1790 to 1830.  At the same time temperatures dropped worldwide.  There was no decrease in CO2 levels at the time, so how do the Climate Change computer models explain this drop in temperature? The computer models cannot, because sunspot numbers are not meant to have any affect on the temperature of the earth.

The weakness of Solar Cycle 24 is starting to be similar to Solar Cycle 5, which was the start of the Dalton Minimum. If you look at the sunspot numbers graph below you can see the last time the sunspot numbers were low was in the 1970’s. In the 1970’s Australia was cooler, and as just as one example, it was the last time Lake Eyre filled completely, allowing boats to sail all over the lake.

Sunspot numbers

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