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Australia goes it alone with a Carbon Tax

The Copenhagen Climate Change talks in 2010 failed to produce a binding Climate Change agreement.  Durban in 2011 fails as well. The result in Durban was not a binding agreement to reduce carbon dioxide output, it was an agreement to negotiate an agreement sometime before 2015, and that hypothetical agreement will cut emissions starting in 2020 – maybe.

The Kyoto agreement emission requirements end on December 31st 2012.

So while Australia goes forward punishing its people and businesses with a Carbon Tax the Canadian Government has announced it is withdrawing from the Kyoto agreement.

The US Congress shows no sign of passing any carbon tax, the Canadians are antagonistic to any carbon tax, the EUs carbon trading scheme is barely working with the Carbon price at a new low.

However that’s all OK, because Australia is going to lead the world!


European Carbon Price collapses





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