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Bureau of Meteorology ‘altering climate figures’

The Australian has a report about the Bureau of Meteorology modifying climate records from stations so that past temperatures look lower, making modern records look hotter. This is based on work by Jo Nova. This came up in Adelaide with the heatwaves in 2014, where the Bureau of Meteorology stated that Adelaide had surpassed its all-time record.  BOM said the highest daytime record for Adelaide was 46.1C. However the Adelaide Advertiser has a record on the same day of 47.6C. The BOM has decreased the record set in 1939, thus making current records look more extreme.  You can read the details here.

74+ years of  increased carbon dioxide, and the supposed warmest decade ever, yet the temperature does not exceed a record set 74 years ago in Adelaide . The only way the BOM can make it work is by changing the records in the past and making them lower!


Adelaide Advertiser Jan 13th 1939

Adelaide Advertiser Jan 13th 1939

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