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Bureau of Meteorology says its warming - so it must be human caused climate change

In another incisive interview by Sarah Clarke on ABC radio nationals PM,  Greg Ayers from the Australia Bureau of Meteorology is interviewed about Climate Change.

Greg Ayers says  “Well, when we look back over the last 50 years or so…we see increasing temperatures, a trend to increasing temperatures from decade to decade.”

Of course 50 years is a nice range to pick because it starts in the cold period of the 1960s and 1970s making the rise look bigger.  As well the world has been warming since the Little Ice Age in the 1600’s, why does that mean its human caused?

Greg Ayers continues: “So all of those things together, simply observed changes in the regional climate.”

Again, why does observed changes in the regional climate mean its caused by humans?

Sarah Clarke doesn’t ask anything complicated like this – lets get a doomsday warning – lets find out how the world will end.

Sarah Clarke : “So, if we continue down this path, what does this translate to in the future, if we don’t reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, what kind of temperatures and what kind of Australian climate could we be looking at?”

Thankfully Greg Ayers answers that predictions are not his business (but he is happy to state that BOMs observations mean its human caused climate change).

Greg Ayers is sure ite Climate Change:  “Well, the existence of climate change from the Bureau’s perspective just goes back to what we’ve observed and if you see over a 50 year period”

50 years of data is all they have to go on. He is so sure it is human cause climate change with only 50 years of data. No urban heat island effects, all the station data is robust- there cannot be any doubt.

Here is an example of a site, with no urban heat island effect – see any warming?

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