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Burning Coal caused the Brisbane Floods

Greens Senator Bob Brown says that the floods in Brisbane were caused by burning coal. He said in Hobart on Sunday 16th January 2011  “It’s the single biggest cause – burning coal – for climate change and it must take its major share of responsibility for the weather events we are seeing unfolding now”

Well, the Greens have a member in the House of Representatives, and in six months they will have the balance of power in the Australian Senate. Why don’t they show the courage of their convictions. Why don’t they put up a private members bill to Ban the Mining and Export of Coal in Australia.

Greens Senator Bob Brown said further ” There’s very little doubt that the burning of fossil fuels is responsible for the hottest oceans we’ve ever seen off Australia, which in turn the scientists are saying very clearly is responsible for the quite extraordinary and harrowing floods that we’ve seen. ”

So Greens Senator Bob Brown, Ban Coal Mining. If it is such terrible stuff, then ban its use in Australia, and don’t allow those people overseas to use Australian Coal either. Lets sack the 137,000 people employed in the coal industry and shift them over to those imaginary Green Jobs .  As an added benefit we will then know that Australia will never again have any more floods (or droughts).

2 comments to Burning Coal caused the Brisbane Floods says Bob Brown

  • nope it was Anna indoctrinated

    If Anna, her clique in QLD State, SEQW hadnt been so indoctrinated in climate change and drought fear (and of course the commercial value in water being retained now SEQW has a commercial rather than civil focus)..\
    They would have looked out the window, watched the news, read their sensors, taken notice of the highly accurate BOM forecasts (+8 days in fact), and realised the expected el nina 3rd or so cycle spike was happening – as predicted extensively nearly 30 days before. As expected.
    They would have released the dam to future assured capacity and it would have acted as both a flood protection and water reserve to the event.
    They would not have done nothing, then panicked, then lied, then covered up.
    They would not have caused $6b estimated damage to the Brisbane CBD.
    They would not have taken nearly 0.5% off Australia’s GDP.
    They would not have risked a total and catastrophic total collapse of the Wivenhoe Dam.
    They were totally inept, panicked, negligent and failed in their public duties.
    So in fact Bob Brown is largely to blame also as an influencer cause.
    Now the case exists for all uninsured, along with the banks, insurers, business and ANYONE that has suffered ANY impact or loss to take civil action against Anna Bligh, SEQW and the QLD State Government.
    Because they made it a disaster.
    Not nature, coal, god or anything else.
    And of course Bob, who read it wrong before, during and after as usual.
    Perhaps he should be called as a defendant also in the enquiry, along with Julia.

    The facts on the public record are now that trained civil servants,emergency services, the flood commmittee and scientists, group indoctrinated to deny what was happening around them and about to happen,, Were the only and sole cause of the Brisbane Wivenhoe release and subsequent billions of $ of damage.
    Sue them and perhaps they will better understand the nature of nature.
    And how they failed us all when we did rely on them.
    Anna lied all the way thru her TV appearances as did Julia.
    It is now clear by the timeline and the reporting lines that she fully knew 3 days before the forced release the Dam had thresholded and was out of control.
    And she fully knew the consequences including for herself.
    Australia will judge this lot very harshly.

  • Rhonda of Brisbane

    Best comment i have read on all of this.
    You can bet the ‘enquiry’ timed to be after any election will allow time for the cover up and spin.
    But everyone in Brisbane knows this and is talking about it.
    Anna destroyed Brisbane.
    She put herself in charge and from the timeline she and Julia had to have
    known their department, the flood committee and Sunwater/SEQ W put the public at risk and caused simply massive damage.
    Because they failed to perform their basic responsibilities correctly.
    I guess what most people are annoyed at here is all the spin and tears and drama queen act, when she knew all along what was going to happen and the cause of it.
    Where do i too,
    join the queue,
    to rightfully sue,
    Anna and SEQ W !