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Climate alarmists get more frustrated, and dismiss carbon taxes

Two interesting articles today show the irritation of Climate alarmists, and how frustrated they are with the progress of their political agenda aimed at forcing the general population to accept radical climate change policies.

Guy Pearce has written a new book that advocates that Australia not export any more coal (something even the Greens have given up pushing). The interesting thing is that he says that the carbon tax is a waste of time as it is a “a giant placebo” and “elaborate money-go-round” that just results in Australia “relying on importing carbon credits to meet our emission targets”. I have said the same thing, it is a $1.35 trillion dollar cost that does little to reduce Australia’s CO2 output.

Naomi Klein is frustrated by the ‘deep denialism” of Green groups. She doesn’t believe in carbon taxes either – “the European Union’s emissions trading scheme – we now have close to a decade that we can measure these schemes against, and it’s disastrous.”

The problem both of these climate alarmists have is that Carbon Tax/ETS/Cap and trade is just an intellectual cop-out. You setup a carbon tax and the climate alarmists feel warm and fuzzy inside, and don’t do anything else.  If you really are a climate alarmist then you have to do much much more.

Expect even more radicalism on the climate change front.


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