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Climate Change and Cyclone Yasi

The Greens are at it already. Cyclone Yasi has not even reached the coast, and Christine Milne Australian Senator for the Greens is claiming it is a “tragedy of climate change”.

There have been 207 cyclones since 1858 along the East Coast of Australia since 1858. Were they all caused by Climate Change?

There are an average of 4.7 cyclones per year that affect Queensland. Cyclone Yasi is number 3.  Seems well within the average so far.

And what about all those cyclones that were so disastrous more than 100 years ago? Were they caused by Climate Change as well?

On the 4 March 1899 a cyclone hit Bathurst Bay, north of Cooktown causing 307 deaths.  On 5th March 1887 a cyclone causing a tidal surge struck Burketown wiping out nearly all the town. The 1918 Mackay cyclone which had 1411mm of rain in 3 days, and a storm surge of 2.36 metres.  Cyclone Willis damaging Cairns in 1927.

There have been so many cyclones in Queensland over the last 150 years, yet it seems only Cyclone Yasi was caused by Climate Change.

Cyclones that have passed near Cairns since 1906

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