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Climate Change Commission increases the scare-mongering

The Climate Commission headed by Professor Tim Flannery is not making much headway with its support of its employers carbon tax, the Federal Government Labor/Green alliance.  So today Tim Flannery is spruiking the Department of Climate Change report Climate Change Risks to Australia’s Coasts. It made the South Australian news as Tim Flannery and his Climate Commission are visiting the incredibility unpopular Premier Mike Rann, who is working hard to make sure South Australians pay even more for electricity.

The report is claiming 43,000 houses in South Australia will be under water before the end of the century.

The problem is the Australian public is not listening. So what to do? Lets fall back on what we have been doing for the last 20 years, lets scare-monger. Lets make the future even more horrible. Lets find the worst possible scenario and build on that. Its got to scare people into seeing sense, doesn’t it?.

Here is are example from the report on South Australia.  The upper end of the IPCC projection for sea level change for 2100 is 79 cms. However it could be as low as 20cms. However that’s not very scary is it? How can we improve on that?

Well you make it even higher and project it up to 1.1 metres, and then do your damage assessment on that projection way past the highest sea level IPCC projection.

Now that’s sounds much scarier doesn’t it?

Its just the continuation of the last 20years. If people don’t think the way we want them to, lets just keep inventing even scarier scenarios….

Will the Adelaide CBD look like this projection of New York in 100 years?

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