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Climate Commission predicts the end of the world

The “independent” Climate Commission has released its first report. The “independent” Climate Commission was appointed by an Australian Federal Labor/Green alliance government that wants to introduce a carbon tax. So the Federal Government appointed members to the Climate Commission that would endorse the Labor/Green alliance views.  And surprise, surprise, it has produced a report that agrees with the Australian Government!

This is another example of the Federal Government paying for advice that will agree with its position. Firstly we have Economist Professor Ross Ganault who surveys the scientific literature he agrees with and makes pronouncements (paid for by the government) supporting the governments view. Now we have the Climate Commission who cherry picks the scientific papers to get a result that will be acceptable to their paymasters the Federal Government.

Of course, now that the Climate Commission has released its report, there is now no further need for debate. In fact not only is there no further need for debate, there should be no more debate.  Professor Wil Steffan of the Climate Commission says “I don’t think we have the luxury anymore of climate denialism. We need to get beyond this fruitless phoney debate in the media,” . The head of the Climate Commission serial doom-sayer Tim Flannery , agrees,  he says “You get all sorts of people posing as having some expertise in climate science, whether they be taxi drivers speaking to me or people in the media who don’t have the expertise.” Tim Flannery of course does not have the expertise, as he has a doctorate in Palaeontology. Perhaps he should be listening harder to the taxi drivers.

Climate Commissioners meet the Boss

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