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Don't call it Carbon Dioxide call it pollution

The Climate Change religion is struggling in its battle to convince the public about the so called dangers of CO2. There is a decreasing trend in coverage in the media of climate change issues. Less and less of the Australian public believe in man made climate change, and even less think we should do something about it. So what to do?  Climate Change needs an advertising makeover. Lets call Carbon Dioxide “Pollution”.

They “have found that ‘pollution’ resonates much stronger than ‘climate change’ with the public”.  So its easy. Don’t get complicated by trying to argue your case. Make it confusing by calling a coal-fired power station a source of pollution. That way the public will think that the coal-fired power station is polluting the world with some nasty substance, rather than just emitting the stuff everyone of us breathes out, ever minute of every day – carbon dioxide.

Lets not mention that other than humans, every animal and plant also emits this “pollution”.

2 comments to Don’t call it Carbon Dioxide call it pollution

  • Schmalz

    Whether you are a denier or a convert, it doesn’t matter. We do need to stop pollution, whether it be CO2 or anything else. It is only smart to reduce pollution, whether it has reached dangerous levels or not. Better to act prudently and no sentient race would deliberately pollute their own environment if they could avoid it. To deny or defy any attempt at identifying or reducing pollution makes you just as much of a fanatic as the die-hard climate change advocates. In any case, if we are ever to ‘reach the stars’ then now is the time to start developing the appropriate technologies and what better way to justify the effort and expense then to concnetrate on reducing and eliminating pollutio nand resource usage here and now?

  • Warwick

    Really Schmaltz, you didn’t even begin to get the point of Gregg’s piece. To name carbon dioxide as “pollution” is to engage in spin. Get it? Obfuscation. Sleight of hand. Verbal trickery. It has been pointed out how the trick has been done, now you don’t have to believe that the beautiful lady has been sawed in two. Now you can relax.