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Gillard cancels Climate Change programs

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has dropped several schemes that are a response to Climate Change, to save money for the Queensland Flood reconstruction. Its good riddance to most of these schemes. However the Labor/Green alliance has promised the upcoming carbon tax will be used to fight climate change, by making every Australian pay more tax.

Canceled or reduced schemes:

Cash for Clunkers – canceled.

Green Car Innovation Scheme – a scheme to subsidise overseas companies to build cars that nobody wants.

Carbon Capture and Storage Flagships – reduced

Solar Flagships – another scheme to subsidise the most expensive form of power production – dramatically reduced

Green Start Program – not proceeding with round 2

Solar Homes and Communities plan – another wasteful subsidy for expensive power production – phased out

Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute – reduced funding for another body wasting taxpayer money.

Unfortunately the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency  has not been cut, and costs us $300+ million per year to pay federal public servants to do nothing but produce propaganda.

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