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If you don't believe in Climate Change, we will force you to believe.

The Climate Change alarmists are getting frustrated with the Australian population, and its growing climate change skepticism. If individuals or countries do not toe the Climate Change Religion line, then its time to use force.

That failed Greens candidate in the Higgins by-election Clive Hamilton, says its time for “the suspension of democratic processes”, and Dan Cass says if a country will not bring its carbon emissions down to zero then we need to “enforce climate security through trade sanctions or ultimately force itself”.

Its the Climate Change Religion. Show your support for the orthodox view, or we will force you to think the way we want you to think. Heretics must be purged.

The Spanish Inquisition would approve.

The Seal of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition in Spain - the spanish inquisition

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