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Julian Assange claiming he broke Climategate emails on Wikileaks

Julian Assange, it seems has been claiming for a while that it was he and Wikileaks that released the Climategate emails. He made claims on May 17th 2010 on Phillip Adam’s show Late Night Live on ABC Radio National where he said “we were responsible for the climategate emails, um although it appears that our sort of right wing sympathisers in the United States have forgotten all that..”. Julian Assange sounds almost apologetic on this video, but still claims that Wikileaks “released” the files.

However many people disagree. No one has ever admitted to releasing the files. In fact some have even suggested it was an inside job. Julian Assange timelines don’t seem to agree.  Steve McIntyre on says that people were downloading the files from the Russian server two days before the Climategate emails were every mentioned on Wikileaks.  Steve McIntyre has the timeline here.

I am not sure what Julian Assange is trying to do. I think people have assumed that he is saying he leaked the Climategate emails to bolster his recent popularity. However he has been making this claim for many months, even when he was nowhere near as famous as he is now. He used the word “responsible” with Phillip Adams, which is a lot more that just saying he put files that were already in the public domain up on Wikileaks.

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