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More end of the world from the ABC

On the World Today on ABC radio today (may 21st 2010) Shane McLeod interviewed Alarmist environmentalist Bill McKibben. Was there any serious questioning of McKibben of some of his outrageous claims? – Of course not – this is the ABC remember – back on the climate change bandwagon.

Bill McKibben says: “Everything frozen on Earth is melting” . Everything?? . Antarctica with its increasing sea ice levels?

Bill McKibben also says: “The kind of 100 year storm comes every three or four years now in many places around the world” Where? What 100 year storms have we had in Australia every 3 or 4 years?

And the incisive question that follows these alarmist claims – with no evidence -  from Shane McLeod – “This is all pretty depressing stuff.”

No questioning of what is obviously just hyperbole. Typical of the ABC. If you want to get on air to promote your latest Global Warming is the end of the world disaster book – no problem, we won’t ask any complicated questions!

Read the transcript here.

Dew Station Greenland, buried under 50 years of snow

Bill McKibben founder of is currently on a book and lecture tour throughout Australia, promoting his book Eaarth.I am sure more of his alarmist views will be uncritically broadcast on Australian ABC radio over the next week or so.

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