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Most Australians do not believe in Climate Change being man-made

The latest survey from Essential Media shows that the majority of Australians do not believe that Climate Change is caused by mankind.

More interestingly a bare majority of Labor voters (53%) believe that “Climate change is happening and is caused by human activity”. This will be interesting when Prime Minister Julia Gillard brings in a Carbon Tax that 47% of her supporters do not believe in.  And the trend is going the wrong way for Julia Gillard and the Labor/Green alliance. One year ago 53% of people though Global warming was man-made, and a year later its only 45%.

Liberal opposition leader Tony Abbott should stick with his climate skeptic line, where only 32% of Liberal Voters believe in man-made Climate Change. Tony Abbott will gain climate skeptics from Labor Party supporters.

David Marr on insiders just last Sunday stated that the majority of Australians wanted action on Climate Change.  How can that be?  When the majority of Australians do not even believe that Climate Change is caused by humans?

The Australian commentariat keeps trying to tell the Australian people what they should believe, and the Australian public just thinks for itself.


Just a few hours later the Australian comes out with Newspoll, and another Climate Change survey result.  But what strange questions.  They ask “Do you personally believe or not that climate change is occurring?”. Its been warming since the Little Ice age, so what does that question mean?. Then of the people that answer yes, they ask is it “Entirely” or “Partly” cause by human activity. 70% of people answer “partly”. Only 24% say “Entirely”, and that has dropped from 32% a year ago, so the true Climate Change believers are still trending down.

So what does “Partly” mean?. You might believe, as many people do, that there is some slight warming, and that warming has been going on for hundreds of years.As well you might believe that CO2 has some very small effect on that warming. In that example, according to Newspoll, you are a Climate Change believer, when really you are no such thing.

The more telling survey result is do you support a carbon tax “that would help slow global warming”. In this result only 47% are in favour, which is very close to the Essential Media poll result above that have 45% believing in human caused climate change. So around 30% of the “Partly” believe that humans influence climate change, but do not believe its enough to warrant doing anything about it. Its all trending the wrong way for Julia Gillards Labor/Green alliance.

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  • Warwick

    You are doing a great job here.

    This is well researched and well presented.

    Your line of argument is clear and strong.

    Are you keeping a list of the names of the CAGW fear mongers in Australia, so that their false prophecies can be recalled when they try to influence public thinking after this CAGW businesss has blown over?