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State of the Union 2011 no mention of Climate Change

President Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union address makes no mention of Climate Change. No mention of a Cap and Trade scheme, or a Carbon Tax.  No mention of Global Warming.

So the leader of the richest and most powerful nation in the world makes no commitment on Climate Change.  Meanwhile on the other side of the planet, the Australian Federal Government run by a Labor/Green alliance will soon be implementing a Carbon Tax, to penalise our citizens, to force them to pay for more energy.

How much of the worlds CO2 does Australia emit – 1.28%

How much of the worlds CO2 does the USA emit – 19.91%

Australia produces 6% of the CO2 produced by the USA, yet we are going to suffer a carbon tax. Our people, our businesses, our farmers, will all find it harder to complete against the USA, because we will soon be paying a Carbon Tax, while no person, business or farmer will pay a Carbon Tax in the USA.

And how much impact on the worlds production of CO2 will the implementation of a Carbon Tax in Australia cause?


China and the USA will emit the extra CO2 we save within a few months.

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