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Steve Biddulph and his climate change predictions

After the win by the Liberal Party in the Victorian State Elections  last weekend, I remembered an article by Steve Biddulph in the Sydney Morning Herald, three years ago. In this article he was ” willing to stake my 30 years as a psychologist” on various doomsday predictions.

He was so wrong.

He stated that 2007 will “mark the end of the Liberal Party”. Well, since then, two state Labor Governments have been thrown out and replaced by Liberal Party governments. The federal Labor Party governs as a minority government.

Steve Biddulph stated ” the party is over. We are a civilisation in collapse”. And Australia did not even go into recession!

He also stated “Rudd and Gillard are not in power for power’s sake.” . Well that didn’t last long did it? Rudd overthrown because they might lose power? Rudd abandoning his “principles”, his claim climate change is the “great moral challenge of our generation”, that he was happy to ditch to help stay in power?

Steve Biddulph wrote “The Greens will emerge as the new opposition”, yet in last weekends Victorian election, they did not win a single seat, and the Greens vote was down from their vote in the 2010 federal election.

Steve Biddulph also predicts “By the 2010 election, 20 per cent will vote Green, simply because peak oil and climate catastrophe will have proven them right”. Well isn’t that interesting. Peak Oil? Fuel prices are cheaper today in 2010 than they were in 2007. And “climate catastrophe” and “water supplies collapse across southern Asia and elsewhere”,  Australia has just had its wettest spring on record, and the dams are all full.

So much for Steve Biddulph and his predictive abilities.

3 comments to Steve Biddulph and his climate change predictions

  • firecat

    You’re misquoting – Biddulph predicted that the Liberal Party would never govern again FEDERALLY. He was right so far – they failed again in 2010, despite the Rudd/Gillard meltdown. And as Biddulph predicted, because the Greens held the balance of power. They aren’t quite at 20%, but damn’ close. And they aren’t interested in power, just in having a world where our grandchildren can still survive.

    No point arguing about Climate Change, because soon enough the argument will be over. We’ll know.

  • Dana

    You can’t argue the vote was down in Victoria on the Federal Election, its a whole different kettle of fish. The Greens vote was higher in a state election than ever before. Nobody in politics thinks the Greens are going away.

    Why isn’t your name and background on this website ? Are you hired by Big Oil?

  • greg

    Well the ABC website for the Victorian State election here shows the Green vote in the Victorian Election at 11.9%, while the ABC federal result for Victoria at the 2010 Federal Election here shows a result of 12.6%. I would call that a decrease wouldn’t you?

    I am a private individual, paid by no-one. Isn’t it such an easy out to claim that anyone who dares argue against the Climate Change orthodoxy is in the pay of “Big Oil”. Its such a weak argument.

    As for “Biddulph predicted that the Liberal Party would never govern again FEDERALLY” . Biddulph never predicted the Liberal Party would only die Federally, he did not make any qualification (try reading his article again here). As for the Greens having 20% of the vote, very wishful thinking. The National vote for the Greens was 11.7% here. Since when has 11.7% been “They aren’t quite at 20%, but damn’ close”.

    As for “No point arguing about Climate Change”, that’s the whole point isn’t it? You don’t want anyone to argue about climate change do you? because what if if your arguments are wrong?