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“The great moral challenge of our generation” Kevin Rudd

The Great Moral Challenge, but Kevin Rudd now thinks its a challenge that can be put off for a few years. Kevin Rudd who said we had to have the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) in place before Copenhagen December 2009, to set an example to the world. We would loose the Great Barrier Reef if we did not have an ETS.

Now its not so desperate?

That would not be because Climate Change Skepticism is on the rise would it Kevin?

If Kevin Rudd really believed this, he would go to a double dissolution Election and fight his case, and get the ETS bill passed as a joint sitting of the House of Reps and the Senate after the election (if he won).

The real reason is that Kevin Rudd and the Labor party have embraced Climate Change is that it is a trendy political cause, and that cause has lost its popularity. We don’t here the “Global warming the end is nigh” stories every day, because even the naive journalists have realised its more religion than science.

And what about the Greens? Political purity is more important than practice? They want to reduce Carbon emissions, they block the bill because its not “pure” enough for them, and they end up with no bill, no scheme to reduce carbon at all. What were they thinking?

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