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Tim Flannery appointed Climate Commissioner

Yet another climate change committee

The Federal Labor/Green alliance government, not content with wasting the taxpayers money on the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, is going to waste another $5.6 million dollars  on a Climate Commission headed by Tim Flannery. This Commission according to Minister Greg Combet  “It will provide expert advice on climate change science and impacts” . Well read on to see some of Tim Flannery’s previous “expert advice on climate change”:

That is Tim Flannery with no qualifications in Climate Science, he has a doctorate in Palaeontology.

This is the Tim Flannery that said in 2005 that droughts could leave Sydneys Dams dry in just two years.

The Tim Flannery that said that most climate skeptics were men over 65.

The Professor Tim Flannery that said in 2008  “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.” (Adelaide’s Dams are almost full)

The Tim Flannery who said in 2007 that “Sydney and Brisbane, water supplies are so low they need desalinated water urgently, possibly in as little as 18 months”. No desal plant is being used anywhere, because all the three cities have too much water in their Dams.

The Tim Flannery who said in 2004 that “I think there is a fair chance Perth will be the 21st century’s first ghost metropolis” . Ten years into the 21st Century, Perth is still there.

The Tim Flannery who said in 2008 (three years ago) that “in five years there’ll be no Arctic ice cap“. Well the Arctic Icecap is still there, but Tim Flannery says there is only two years left.

Tim Flannery who said in 2007 ” I think it’s too late for debate now”, and have no doubt that Tim Flannery wants a Carbon Tax, he said in 2007 “Carbon tax is the way forward” , so much for the ‘independence’. Tim Flannery is just a propagandist for the Labor Government.

Its an indication of how much this Labor Government is out of touch with the people, that they somehow think the appointment of a serial alarmist and exaggerator will be a PR positive.

UPDATE: Tim Flannery was interviewed the next day (11/2/11) on 891 Adelaide by Ian Henschke. Three times Ian Henschke asked him “are you a climate scientist”, and three times Tim Flannery squirmed and evaded the question. Tim Flannery gets $180,000 per year for a part time job, and he is not even a climate scientist.

The "Independent" Climate Commission

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