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Tuvalu is not sinking under the sea

The poster boy of the Climate Change religion is the pacific Island of Tuvalu.  To quote UN Climate official Christiana Figueres speaking at the Cancun 2010 United Nations Climate Change Conference who said:  “Tuvalu, The Maldives, Kiribati, Vanuatu are looking for ways of evacuating their entire populations because of salt water intrusion and sea level rise; their fate is a wake-up call to all of us.”

Sounds bad. However what do the facts say about the sea level rise on Tuvalu?.

It is very hard to measure sea level rise, because you have to discount for the land possibly sinking, as well as atmospheric and storm influences. Flinders University National Tidal centre has been measuring Pacific Island sea levels for some years, and you can read their report here. Paraphrasing from their report, they have only limited data for Tuvalu, but that limited data shows a 4.7 mm rise per year for Tuvalu. However when you gather longer term trends over the whole Pacific that trend drops down to only 1.3 mm of sea rise per year.

1.3 mm per year. Over 100 years if the trend continues, and who knows if it will, the total rise in sea level at Tuvalu will be 13 cms. I am sure Tuvalu will cope.

Tuvalu Tide Gauge anomalies - from Flinders Univerity National Tidal Centre

Tuvalu Tide Gauge from Flinders University National Tidal Centre

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