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Wikileaks and Climate Change

Even though proponents of Climate Change will tell you its all pure science and no politics, it really is nearly all politics and hardly any science.  The wikileaks cable talking about the Saudi-Arabian minister:

“Is Al-Naimi the Problem?
9. (S) Minister Al-Naimi has consistently been rational and practical in talking with western delegations about climate change, noting that Saudi Arabia had to address its development concerns, but conceding that the world needs to work together to address climate change. These reassuring statements stand in sharp contrast to Al-Sabban’s public comments, such as questioning the science behind climate change just before Copenhagen, and his often obstructionist behavior, as reported by a number of Embassies in Riyadh, during working-level negotiations. Senior Ministry of Petroleum officials have reassured us after each of Al-Sabban’s public outbursts over the last six months that he has been “tamed” and brought back onto the reservation. The frequency and number of times that Al-Sabban steps out of line, and the apparent lack of any sanction, raises questions about the real Saudi position on climate change.”

It just shows that Climate Change is all about towing the line, believing the Climate Change religion, and not questioning anything.

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