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Years of the media all their way - now Climate Change believers wonder-what now?

A year ago you heard nothing from Climate Change skeptics on the ABC, or read anything about skeptics in The Age or the SMH. Climate Change was the new religion, and no criticism was allowed. However now a year later, the Climate Change believers wonder what has happened.

Here is a good example : How can the Government sell its CPRS?

Here are some of their points:

Global warming threatens our future

You would think after the media pushing the Climate Change believers line now for a least a decade, this would be now part of the landscape and that it would not have to be explained again, yet the climate change believers think we just need to be educated a bit more.

Have they ever stopped to think that if the media and extremist organisations like the WWF had taken a more moderate and balanced view over the last ten years they might have convinced more people. They didn’t – they kept piling doomsday scenario on top of doomsday scenario, and not surprisingly people became more sceptical, not less

Why is it that there are so many skeptics, after years of a media never showing a skeptic line. Perhaps because the science is so dodgy?

It is happening now

Is it?  If it is so obvious – why is it so hard to convince people? It wouldn’t be because Climate Change believers make statements like ” greatest dought in 1000 years” when we have records that only go back 200 years (or less).  Or Tim Flannery predicting “The water problem is so severe for Adelaide that it may run out of water by early 2009.”

The fact that Adelaide’s hottest day was more than 70 years ago. Is it not surprising that the ordinary person is skeptical?

Acting now will boost our economy and create jobs

it will create jobs by closing down coal mines, importing solar panels from China, importing Wind Turbines from Denmark, increasing electricity costs for every business in Australia and not compensating them…sure it will create jobs.

Acting now will give Australia a head start

so we can export our jobs to China before everyone else…

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