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Carbon Tax from July 1 2012

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced Australia will have a Carbon Tax in place from 1st July 2012. Australians will then pay more for fuel and Electricity.

All Australian businesses will pay more for their energy use. Any overseas competitor in the USA or China will not have to pay a Carbon Tax.

Even if your business does not export, your costs will go up, and any imported item from the USA or China will not have a Carbon Tax, and thus will be relatively cheaper.

The Carbon Tax will result in industries being shifted overseas to countries that do not have a Carbon Tax (almost every other country in the world)

The Carbon Tax will increase inflation in Australia, and add cost to every item. Every item, every service,  needs fuel to move it, electricity to store it, so every item, every service will become more expensive. Alan Kohler says manufacturing will be devastated

The Carbon Tax will hit poorer families who live in the outer suburbs more. There transport costs are higher. Even if they take public transport, they will pay more, because the Carbon Price will flow into the cost of public transport. The poorer families pay a higher proportion of their income for Electricity, which means they will pay an even higher proportion of their income.

How much of the worlds CO2 does Australia emit – 1.28%

Prime Minister Julia Gillard promising at the 2010 election that there would be no Carbon Tax under her government. There is an online petition against the Carbon Tax here

While the number people that believe in Climate Change continues to drop, Galaxy Poll Feb 2011:

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