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Why the Carbon Tax is not like the GST

Once the GST was passed by the Australian Parliament most people accepted the GST as a new tax, and a done deal. Many people may have whinged about its implementation, the dreaded BAS form, and all that is involved in the GST. Ultimately in the end, nearly everyone agrees that the Federal Government has to collect tax, and we have to pay it.

The Carbon Tax is very, very different.

For a start at least a quarter of the population (at least), don’t believe the premise that the tax is based upon, that is that climate change is caused by the human race. This means at least a quarter of the population is never ever going to accept a Carbon Tax. Every election they will remember that the Federal Labor/Greens alliance has imposed a tax on them personally that they feel is unjustified. They might be mostly Liberal voters, but you can be sure there are a fair proportion of Climate Change Skeptics in the Australian Labor Party (ALP).

There are about 40% of the population, are not sure about the cause of Climate Change. This might be a nice issue to discuss at the BBQ on a Sunday with a beer in hand, but after 1st July 2012, they will be paying for a Carbon Tax whether they are sure or not. So this interesting philosophical question of the cause of climate change becomes a hip-pocket question, which clarifies the mind.  Lots of these unsure people will start searching the internet and talking to friends, and finding out there is another, skeptical view, about climate change, one the mainstream media does not normally mention. Some of these people will also go to the Federal Election in late 2013 annoyed that they have been forced to pay a Carbon Tax by the Federal Labor/Green alliance, for something they don’t believe in.

Every time electricity prices go up they will blame the Carbon Tax (whether it is true or not). If a Carbon tax is applied to petrol or diesel, every time the fuel price goes up they will blame the Carbon Tax. This is the reason John Howard dropped indexation of fuel excise, because it had become a community mantra, that every time fuel went up, it was because the Federal Government was getting more money from excise, yet really it was just rising world prices. Doesn’t matter, when fuel prices go up – it will be the Carbon Tax. In fact when anything goes up in price – it will be the Carbon Tax….

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