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$1.1 Billion Dollars wasted on Solar Power

Further to my post on the wasted money of Australia Taxpayers, two researchers at ANU (Australian national University) have confirmed my views.  ANU researchers Andrew Macintosh and Deb Wilkinson from the ANU Centre for Law and Climate Policy found that even though the Australian Government had spent $1.1 billion dollars on taxpayer subsidies on Solar Panels, all these panels were contributing 0.1% of Australian electricity needs. Most of these solar panels had been installed in medium to high social economic areas, so the residents can feel both “green” and trendy with solar panels on their roof.

According to the researchers the installation of these heavily subsidied panels saved 0.015% of Australia’s CO2 output.

So will the Australian Government stop the subsidising of Solar Panels for the trendy rich while the poor have to pay increased electricity bills, and higher taxes?

Not Likely.

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