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Solar Panel subsidy waste, this is what Australian taxpayers are paying for

Further to my post on the waste of money spent on solar panel installations, here are some pictures of solar panel installations that are a complete waste of money (mostly taxpayers money in the form of a subsidy). To understand this waste, you need to understand that solar panels are at their most efficient when facing north and angled at the same degree as the number degrees away from the equator. So in Adelaide the panels should be facing north and angled at 35 degrees. These examples don’t even get past the basic facing north requirement;

West facing solar panels in eastwood

Solar panel installation in suburban Adelaide. The panels face west rather than north. The panels are partially shaded by a tree and a chimney

More west facing Solar Panels. They would only provide full power for just a few hours per day

West facing solar panels in Marion, Adelaide

West facing solar panels in Ascot Park

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